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Alex Leonard – The Giddy Limit

Back in 2005, The Orcadian introduced its readership to a weekly cartoon strip by local illustrator Alex Leonard. Back then, I think its safe to say, we did wonder how it would fare, Producing a fresh, new strip to a tight deadline every week for 52 weeks of the year, is no mean feat and we wondered whether there would be enough material out there for Alex to work with. But we needn't have worried. Now, over 16 years on, The Giddy Limit has become an integral part of Orkney life. This weekly, light-hearted look at life in the county has taken on a life of its own and its characters have become household names. Sometimes it's poignant. Sometimes it's satirical. But it's always funny. And because of this, The Giddy Limit has become a firm favourite with The Orcadian readers and is one of the first pages turned to when the newspaper comes out on a Thursday morning.